Frequently Asked Questions

Boiler Servicing

I need a boiler service?

Yes, we can help you with your boiler service, whether its a one off service or a annual boiler service to validate your boiler guarantee, with over 30 years experience on a wide range of boilers we are more than happy to help. we charge a very competative £66. You can request a service on our website or simply call us on 0113 2827627 or 07426 827 627.

Will i get a service certificate?

Yes you will be issued a GasSafe service certifacte with all our findings upon completion of your service.

How long will a boiler service take?

on average a service takes around 45 minutes to complete, this may take a little longer if your boiler requires a full strip down and clean.

Boiler Repairs

My boilers not working and i need a repair?

We can usually arrive with 24 hours and will try to get you up and running as soon as possibe. we charge £66 Call out charge inclusive of the first hours labour.

What if my boiler or central heating system needs a part?

we will advise you of any parts required and offer you the option of a fixed price repair or an hourly rate charge, which is your choice to make. our heating engineers are highly trained and competant in boiler repairs and heating system faults to offer you the best advice going forward.

Should i replace my boiler or have it repaired?

boiler repairs can become expensive especially on old inefficient boilers where parts are hard to come by. which may be repaired only for another component to fail further down the line. A new boiler can offer better reliabilty and more energy efficient, saving you money!

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