Power Flushing

Over time, an untreated heating system will produce sludge and debris, reducing its performance and efficiency. Power flushing is an effective way of removing the sludge and debris, restoring the system's performance. All our work is carried out by fully qualified gas engineers who are trained in system design and boiler operation.

Power flushing effectively removes sludge build up within a central heating system. This is done using a high powered flushing machine which picks up the sludge deposits and removes them from the system water.

Once a flush has been carried out and the cleansing chemical removed, the system is re-filled with central heating inhibitor to prevent further corrosion. The central heating system is then checked and balanced accordingly to ensure system performance.

You will be issued with a power flush certificate stating when the power flush was done, what chemicals were used to inhibit the system and the gas engineer's gas safe number.

  • Efficient central heating and hot water
  • Lower fuel bills
  • Better heat distribution
  • Improved system reliability
  • Prolonged system life
  • Reduced noises associated with scale/sludge

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